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Sunday, February 1, 2009

I've Moved My Blog to WORDPRESS!

I've been on blogger for a little over a year now, and I loved how it was integrated into my Gmail account and all, but it's just not working for me. I have (or had) ONE reader, and my blog gets NO traffic. True, I haven't been as proactive as I should have been in driving traffic to this blog, but at the same time, I couldn't even figure out how to do it on this interface anyway! LOL.

Plus, wordpress just seems to be the better blogging application AND I come up quicker in internet searches using their site! :)

So, please join me at my new blog site:


Sunday, December 14, 2008

I first got wind of the website a few weeks ago after Obama won, and I wanted to move more aggressively for getting my job applications out to get a new position within the administration. I remember hearing that one of Obama's campaign promises was to post a weekly address to the american public informing them on pertinent issues within our government, in an effort to provide much needed "Transparency" in how our country is run.

At first, I didn't think it was possible, but I've been watching the weekly addresses there, and it seems really informative. I have yet to take part in any of the discussions on the site, as I still don't quite see how that's possible or where you set up a log in. Admittedly, I haven't looked too much into it, nor have I had anything that I've felt like expressing in a public forum (on the website), so this has just been one more thing to pass by the wayside lately.

What I did do, was give my comments on the "An American Moment: Your Vision" section of the site, which encourages you to share your vision on what america should be, and where President-Elect Obama should lead this country. Initially, I was hesitate to participate here, as I'm sure that submitting a comment here definitely "puts you on the grid" to be watched by any number of government agencies and intelligence groups. Then it occurred to me I WANT THAT! Of course, I'm not looking for any negative attention, nor do I want to purposefully open myself up to some sort of criminal/civil background check, but I would like to attention of the Obama-Biden Administration, mainly so that someone within that administration can GIVE ME A JOB! And not just a crappy clerical job, but a REAL PROFESSIONAL POSITION for which I am qualified for, but don't have the right connections to get.

So, without further ado, here's a synopsis of what I said:

  • I envision a country that lives up to the hopes and dreams of my ancestors.
  • A place where a first generation college graduate can find a decent job that allows them to pay off the debt accrued to become educated.
  • I envision a country where intelligent, motivated, enthusiastic individuals like myself aren't scraping to get by and embarrassed to return to their hometowns because they look like failures to those that believed in them because they're not gainfully employed as one would expect a college graduate to be.
  • I want to be involved in the changes taking part in our government and I want to contribute in a capacity where I know my skills can be put to good use!
  • I envision a country that allows me (and those like me, because I assure you, there are plenty) to gain access to professionally enhancing and career building opportunities within the federal government!
  • I hope that the comments through this website just don't go into a random database, or worse get used for PR purposes somewhere later down the line.
  • I hope someone is reading them and responding, and I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss some of the things I've outlined here with a REAL person.
  • P.S. I'd feel much more comfortable giving my personal information on this site if it was secure. Asking for phone numbers and addresses in this day and age, I'd like assurances of where the information is going, and that it's protected from spammers and other marketers. Just a thought.
What do ya think?

Saturday, December 6, 2008

"The People's Inauguration"?

I don't want to be one of those people that are overly critical, but already, before Barack Obama has even taken office, I have issues with the way things are going.

First, for all those that may take issue with my pending diatribe, let me say I VOTED FOR BARACK OBAMA! For me, he was the lessor of two evils, and I acted accordingly. I've always liked Barack Obama, and actually got the chance to meet him long ago before he began his historic run for president of our country. I think he's a cool guy and all, but I've ALWAYS questioned how he really plans to CHANGE THINGS in a system fraught with corruption and people unwilling to relinquish their reign of power in order to help others?

That said, I think it's interesting that thus far, Barack Obama seems to be falling in line with "the status quo" when it comes to being inaugurated. I've yet to hear about any plans that the Barack Obama team has to "bring the people" to Washington, D.C. to help celebrate his election and impending tenure as our 44th President. True, this issue is a two-edged sword. If the Barack Obama team were focusing their attention on Inaugural preparations, people would be UP IN ARMS (and rightfully so) that his time needs to be spent re-shaping our economy to insure that PEOPLE CAN WORK AND CONTINUE TO CONTRIBUTE TO OUR SOCIETY! Even if plans are being made by the Obama team to provide some sort of celebration for "regular people", it probably wouldn't be announced until a time closer to the event, thus making it look as if much time wasn't expended on the planning (which is something I suspect might happen, though I have no reason to believe it will).

The closest thing I've heard (thus far) about someone holding inauguration festivities "for the people" is a businessman in Virginia who's taken the JW Marriott in Washington DC's $1,000,000 "build your own inaugural ball" package and decided to dedicate SOME (namely about 90-100) of the 300 rooms included with the package to "the disadvantaged and marginalized" of our society. When I first heard about this "People's Inaugural Project", I was EXCITED! I immediately contacted the Stafford Foundation and requested involvement as a volunteer. Most notable to me was first, the organization (and its founder) don't have much of a web presence, so all I had to go on was the company's website (which has "the" in the title since presumably someone else learned of their company and went and bought the domain name of the organization and are probably holding it for "internet ransom". LOL). The site itself is rather paltry, and simply includes two paragraphs speaking of the Foundation's desire to help people who are less fortunate. I don't want to be a jerk and point out that the sentence structure of the final paragraph barely makes sense or perhaps is missing some words, because it could be in reference to a Bible verse or something that I don't know, so I don't want to make a fool out of myself. ROFL.

The more I read about this Foundation's plans, the more my "spidey-senses" started to tingle. First, I read that the company was seeking sponsorship from others to assist with additional costs for events like an MLK day breakfast and luncheon. That didn't bother me too much, as it seemed like a smart move, especially since the Stafford Foundation's founder (presumably) Mr. Earl W. Stafford, Sr., has already put down the $1,000,000 to cover the price tag of the Marriott package. Next, I read: "At least third of the tickets to the event will go toward people who are needy or underprivileged, and the rest of those participating could be people from sponsoring foundations, companies or volunteers". WHAT? You're doing all this for 100 people? REALLY? How is it that you're holding an event for "the people who are disadvantaged and marginalized", but you're marginalizing them by having them be in THE MINORITY of those attending the event? Am I the only one that has a problem with this? Now, I know the numbers probably aren't going to work out as squarely as I've said, but to say that ONE THIRD of the tickets for the event will go towards the needy hardly makes that gesture ABOUT THOSE PEOPLE! It's you, using the poor and the disadvantaged (like MANY people do) to get good press and continue to build business relationships with the people who are truly powerful! I hate when people use the poor for their own agendas! That being said, I don't truly know the true intentions of the Stafford Foundation or Earl W. Stafford's intentions behind holding this event. In the absence of more evidence, I'll choose to take him at his word, but with some skepticism. While I think the idea of opening up events to "the people" (especially those making less than $250,000/year, since that seemed to be such a powerful number during the election) is admirable, I still wonder if "the people" will REALLY BE ABLE TO ATTEND. 90-100 people out of the MILLIONS living in poverty and on the fringes of our society just isn't enough in my opinion! When I first read about the Marriott's offer, I WISHED that I could have afforded it! I'd have pulled it off AND INVITED "THE PEOPLE". Those that TRULY can't afford such luxuries but desire to participate in this historic event. On top of that, I'd already have provisions SET ASIDE for volunteers who would be assisting with the event, and their presence, wouldn't TAKE AWAY from the number of people we truly wanted to help.

All that being said, I'd still go and volunteer with the Foundation if they offered me the opportunity. Even organizing the event for 90-100 people will take some skilled workers and event planners to make sure that things get pulled off without a hitch. My experience in event planning and organizing could be QUITE useful to the organizers at the Stafford Foundation, but I'm somewhat skeptical that will happen since I don't know anyone in DC/Virginia and no one knows me, but I guess we'll see.

Also, I should note this site: The People's Inauguration which appears to be a site seeking to mobilize individuals to take action to bring about an inaugural celebration that celebrates THE PEOPLE, meaning EVERYDAY REGULAR PEOPLE, and not just those who can afford to plop down $1300/night for a room in Washingon, DC or surrounding Virginia/Maryland area. I think the idea is noble, but I can't seem to figure out who's behind it. It kind of looks like it might be something "Obama-related" since his signature emblem as over the "I" in "inauguration", but I'm not sure. I only recently found the site in doing a web search for a news story on Earl Stafford. I'm going to continue to look into it, and maybe give more feedback as things develop.

By the way: WHERE IS OPRAH? She can give away Pontiacs to poor people, but can't seem to wield her power to help some "regular folks" get to the inauguration? She has the money to have purchased ALL the rooms in DC/Virginia/Maryland and give them to "the people", if she wanted to. I just wanted to arbitrarily point that out! LOL.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Barack Obama Won!

Putting that exclamation point on the end of that title is about the most excitement I've had since Tuesday regarding this topic. I honestly don't feel as though hope has triumphed or won. I see that this country has some MAJOR revisions it needs to get to working on. I could certain see how people were elated, but I just didn't feel like "celebrating". Am I glad Barack Obama won? YES. But that's about as far as it goes. I didn't cry or weep, nor shout or have fits of joy on Tuesday evening as everyone else I knew did. I was just like "well, that's good". And that was the extent of it for me.

I suppose since I work within the inefficient government system that Obama just inherited, I see things slightly differently. There was no difference in my life Tuesday night than their was Wednesday morning, except for the interest on the debt I have accruing more of a balance. I guess it's going to take more for me to become "thrilled". I wish there were something that could "light a fire" under me at this point. Sadly, to date, there isn't. And hasn't been in QUITE some time.

Monday, November 3, 2008

On the Eve of the Election...

I should be sleep! I need to get up at 6AM in order to be at the polls by 6:30AM and be one of the first to cast my vote in my district, but instead, I'm up blogging, because there was just something I had to get off of my chest.

Logically, it's pretty clear that Barack Obama SHOULD win. He's younger. More popular. Has broader appeal. Fresher ideas. And in a nutshell is a 9 on a scale of 1 to 10, when McCain is BARELY a 6 (and I'm being SO nice here). There's no way that McCain SHOULD win this election. His politics are stale. He doesn't have a clear, consistent message. And his choice of Vice President surely leaves MUCH to be desired.

I think tomorrow will really show what america is TRULY MADE OF. The only reason Barack Obama won't win tomorrow is racism pure and simple. There truly will be nothing else that can account for a defeat of a person who by all intents and purposes has TRAMPLED his competition in EVERY CONTEST! And I don't say this as one of those "frothing at the mouth Obama supporters". I can admit, I only support Barack Obama because he's the lessor of two evils. I'm not even all that "crazy" about what an Obama Administration might mean for this country, plus I can't stand Joe Biden, but I shudder to think of where this country is headed if McCain/Palin win!

I'm going to do my part and cast my vote in a few hours, and after that, I'm not logging on to the internet OR watching the news until WEDNESDAY MORNING! Hopefully by then, it'll all be over! I don't have the stomach or the nerves to watch hours upon hours of election coverage with guestimations and false declarations. I'll just wait for Wednesday morning's news headlines to read "_______ WINS"!


Sunday, October 19, 2008

On "Colin Powell Endorsing Obama"...

I know there are tons of folks that aren't really shocked by this. I imagine that a good majority of McCain/Palin supporters just look at this as "Blacks sticking together". I doubt folks that feel that way even take a moment to consider why Powell said he endorsed Obama over McCain, and THAT is part of the problem with this whole election.

I wish November 4th would hurry up and be over. November 5th is going to be a NEW DAY for america one way or the other!

Friday, October 17, 2008

On "The Unconventional Job Search"...

Everyone's aware of america's woes when it comes to finances these days.

Everyone's gearing up for several years of financial strife and hard times, and everyone's tightening their belts and preparing for the worst financially.

I, too, am among the many americans dealing with the "financial crisis" that has occurred on MAIN STREET. I feel and can understand the anxiety that everyone has, however, I'm taking a more optimistic view of things, believing that things will soon perk up, regardless of who's elected into the white house in November.

With that in mind, I've decided to conduct an "unconventional job search", whereby I'm personally writing letters to the heads of state, government, and private industry saying "hey, hire me"! I figure, at the end of the day, the most I'll be out of is about $50-75, which is what it'll take for me to buy 100 stamps and some envelopes.

I'm writing letters to many! I have to! It has become painfully obvious to me over the last 10 years that, it's not WHAT you know, but WHO you know that gets you places, and unfortunately, for me, I don't know anyone that can get me a decent job!

But I'm working to change that!

I've also decided to write the editors of the major newspapers and other publications to let them know what I'm up to. I figure, the more people I let know about my search, the better I'll be.

I've spent the last 3 years conducting an "unsuccessful job search". I've read hundreds of books, webpages, and pamphlets all giving job search advice that has proven to be mostly useless! I say it's "useless", because not once has most of the advice resulted in a DECENT offer of employment. And by "decent", I mean a position befitting a college graduate with a wide range of analytical and technical skills.

I've decided to re-work my usual "Letter Writing Campaign" into something more useful in my effort to obtain a GOOD JOB! Thankfully, I'm not "desperate" for work, as I already have a crappy job with low pay, crazy coworkers, a tyrannical boss, and no real opportunity for career advancement, thus the onus for finding a paycheck is SLIGHTLY relieved.

What I'm looking for is: A JOB THAT I ACTUALLY LIKE AND WANT TO SHOW UP TO EVERYDAY!!! Or, I guess more specifically, I'm looking for A CAREER!

I'm not lazy. I'm not unmotivated. I'm not "unskilled".

I'm energetic, enthusiastic, willing to work hard, and willing to relocate for an excellent opportunity in a company that can value the contributions I can make to it!

I'm doing what I need to do right now to get me to the next step! Plain and simple!

All that being said, my FIRST letter to be sent out at the start of next week is going to WARREN BUFFETT! I read an article today that said that he suggested that people BUY STOCK NOW! I thought that was a GREAT IDEA as I've been advising people who can afford to do so, to do just that! If I had the money, I surely would! I found it interesting that Warren Buffett, someone who's a billionaire several times over, could have the same advice as ME, someone who manages to save only $3 per paycheck every two weeks! LOL.

I'll keep you posted on my progress! :)

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