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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Barack Brouhaha

In the midst of Senator Obama making his speech about race relations in america, and attempting to hear Hillary's response, it occured to me: I don't care anymore!

It goes beyond the fact that Barack's american "golden boy" (both figuratively and literally) that can do no wrong, but just the fact that this gets everyone's feathers in a twist gives me a headache!

I'm sure I sound incoherent, as it's been several days since I've had a good night's sleep, since I've been dealing ad nausem with T-Mobile's bullsh1t HotSpot @ Home service that apparently isn't meant to work in MY home. But it hit me: "so what?". I didn't have the time, nor the inclination to listen to a 35 minute speech by Obama, because not a damn thing he says now is going to really change my opinion of him, nor take my vote away from Hillary. It just seems so damn useless and senseless! I honestly don't think either of them have a snowball's chance in hell of being the next president of this country, but I'd be more than willing to "eat my words" should my assumptions about this racist/sexist nation ring untrue.

People keep asking the question "is america ready for a Black president?", and my answer to that is "sure, if you can actually find one!". Yes, I said it! Barack isn't the kind of "Black" I envision when I think of a "Black president". A Black american president should be someone with longstanding cultural ties to this country who has understood and overcome the institutional racism of this country and still managed to get elected to the highest office of this land! Until that happens, I'll always view Barack's candidacy (or even his win) as a pseudo-victory for "colored folks" everywhere! If the decendent of an american Black slave were to be elected president (even with being biracial), I'd view THAT as a victory, because even in that case, that person would have SOME semblance of an understanding of where myself, and people like me come from.

I know it's no longer popular to expose such views about Barack Obama. In fact, part of me expects my Blogger account to be "mysteriously" shut down ("for maintenance") within the next few days. Don't get me wrong. I think Barack Obama is a nice guy. I'd love to have coffee or lunch with him to pick his brain and ask him some questions about some of the things he talked about in his first book (yes, I actually read it, unlike many of the faithful "obamites" out there that follow him blindly). But the simple fact of the matter is, I can't (and won't) get past his "cosmepolitan" upbringing that allows so many whites to be so comfortable around him because he is the antithesis of what MOST people know to be "Black". His candidacy should at the very least show people that "race" isn't simply about skin color! It's about so much more than that. Barack Obama's skin color makes him a "tan man". His ethnicity makes him an "African American", but as far as I'm concerned: HE'S NOT BLACK!

Yes, this is really quite off the topic of his speech and all the surrounding "drama" that goes with it. Perhaps, if I feel up to it later, I'll talk about how I was actually impressed by Obama actually "boning up on his political savvyness" and becoming a politician for once by throwing Jeremiah Wright under the bus and distancing himself from him as soon as humanly possible when sh1t hit the fan! LMAO.

Monday, March 17, 2008

"Stuff white people like"....

Yet another bit of inequality in this world surrounds this popular blog that has got everyone in a tizzy. Some white guy set up a satirical site about being white and obnoxious, and he'll probably make a million dollars off of it!!

I'm really getting sick and tired of racism in this country, but what makes it so insidious is that people can't even identify when it's happening anymore.

The fact that his site (for whatever reason) continues to draw readers is just sad and sorry.

If there were any justice in the world, I'd have $3 million dollars of "mad money" sitting in my checking account. SMH.

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