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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Helping FEMA...

Once again FEMA is being lambasted in the news media for failing to meet the needs of Hurricane Ike evacuees. It's times like this that make me ferociously angry because I feel that I could be doing a great job if I worked there. Why is it that the same people get the opportunity to make the same mistakes time and time again, over and over again, but nothing really changes?

Yes, I believe FEMA's response to Hurricanes Gustav and Ike were commendable in comparison to Hurricane Katrina's response, but there's still work to be done! They obviously need MAJOR some help and I can provide it!

Thus, if anyone from FEMA (with authority) is out there reading this: HIRE ME!

---end rant---

Monday, September 15, 2008

On "Lazy Generation Xers"...

Earlier today I have the misfortune of sitting a few feet away from a coworker as he went on a 15 minute diatribe about his 30 year old son. He says his son (along with his live-in 20 year old girlfriend) is a spoiled, lazy, ridiculous waste of space who is coddled by his mother. He says his son doesn't want to work, and is complacent with his part-time job at a local video game store. He says he only wants to play video games, and lie around the house dividing his free time between sleep and "play time". He says he completed a degree at the local community college, but it's all for naught since he only applied to a few local jobs before giving up. His father obviously hates his guts because he even mentioned his son during my interview for this job. He went on a mini-rant about how people in my age group (those under 35) are lazy and don't want to work or find jobs. I told him then (and I still believe this), that the reason we can't find jobs is because people like him, get in their jobs, do nothing, and stay there for 30+ years!! (Ok, I didn't say the "do nothing" part, but I thought it!). LOL.

How exactly is a young, college educated individual supposed to matriculate in the work force when the 60+ year olds, with 30+ years on the job (who could retire if they wanted), REFUSE TO LEAVE?! If I had the power, I'd clean out this whole damn office! GET THE LEAD OUT and DROP THE DEAD WEIGHT!! Everybody there for more than 15-20 years would have to RE-APPLY for their jobs and prove that they're still qualified AND worthy of their ridiculously bloated salaries. I bet that would encourage people to learn how to use computers more efficiently and not waste organizational resources.

Now, I'm not saying everyone that works here over the age of 50 is useless, because that just isn't true. There are a few very dedicated individuals here, but there are also some lazy, unmotivated employees who would NEVER EVEN CONSIDER doing something they think is beneath them or "outside of their salary grade".

The irony of the conversation I was forced to overhear is that the person doing all the complaining is THE LEAST EFFECTIVE SUPERVISOR AROUND and EVERYONE KNOWS IT! People constantly talk about how useless he is and how he's not the one to go to for information, because despite having three decades of experience in the field, he can NEVER help anyone and always refers you to someone else for answers! It's amazing that it hasn't occurred to him that his son's ineptitude is GENETIC!

Also, it pisses me off that he blames all of the son's faults on his mother, as if she SHE is the only enabler. Who lets his 20 year old girlfriend live with him? Hmm? If you're the "king of your castle" and the sole breadwinner of the household, then surely you can say who does and doesn't live with you, draining your financial resources, right?

It really pisses me off that there are tons of people at my job doing "the bare minimum" and are getting paid more than $100,000 a year, simply because they've done "the bare minimum" for more than two decades. I doubt any of the supervisors here were EVER stellar employees, they're just the ones who were able to wade through the bureaucratic bullsh!t and were still standing. There really needs to be some kind of merit based system where I work! The laziness and ineptitude that this place fosters is pathetic! THIS is what's really wrong with this country!

Did I make references to the Bible on here?

I'm not sure that I did, but a got an email from someone named "Dan" who thought I could benefit from some Bible-related product he's invented (or is marketing). I found that odd. Especially since we all know that I only have ONE READER. Genius, you got a cousin into selling "Bible blogging"?! LOL.

Friday, September 12, 2008

On "Tyler Perry's 'The Family That Preys'"....(SPOILER ALERT)

...I just got back from seeing "Tyler Perry's The Family That Preys", and I must say, I was so excited about this film that I almost left work an hour early, because I didn't want to be in a crowded movie theater on Friday night, because I knew it would be PACKED! I arrived at the early evening show, and thanks to the slow concessionist, I missed the first few minutes of the film. :(.

As the movie progressed, I quickly realized the feeling I was having was NAUSEA! I felt a bit sick to my stomach to see Tyler Perry pandering to the same old Hollywood formula of the "faithful Negro" that sits by in a subservient position to their "all knowing" and wealthy white counterpart. That really pissed me off! I expected more from Tyler! In fact, I was so mad, I actually wrote him an email, which I doubt he'll ever see, but my mind is now clear! LOL.

As always, I took a few notes, so I'll just run of the litany of thoughts that I had in random order, and maybe try to make this "review" make some sense in the last few sentences! LMAO.

My random thoughts on "The Family That Preys":
  • STEREOTYPES: There were so many stereotypical roles here! Not just the "high-class, wealthy white woman with the poor Black inner city friend" stereotype, but also that of the "evil, educated Black woman". I know this is the type of role that resonates with people, especially those without degrees or those who feel Black folks "get uppity" when they succeed at completing a college degree. I know that it's always easier to pander to "the masses", but the "standard box" that Sanaa Lathan was put in was just so tired. Must ALL educated Black women be "stuck up"? Do all the "non-educated" family members have to be resentful and quick to "pull your card" on how "uppity" you think you are now that you've "gotten your little degrees"? I guess so. And here's another lame, though tried and true Black movie favorite: "The Faithful Brother". Oh, Rockmond Dunbar was truly getting on my damn nerves with the "goody-two shoes" act, and it occurred to me that he's probably being typecast now as "the nice guy", but damn if he wasn't that UNTIL HE SLAPPED THE SH!T OUTTA SANAA'S CHARACTER! That was SO not cool, and the fact that he faced no repercussions for that behavior isn't cool either! It sends the message "it's okay to slap Black women, if they piss you off", and I could never agree with a man doing that! EVER! Of course, even after that, he redeems himself and gets the business he always wanted. I think we're supposed to get the impression that he decided to be the bigger person and "help out" Sanaa's character at the end of the movie when we see him hand her some money, and he kisses the little boy (that's not really his son).
  • RIDICULOUSNESS: Here's something I HATE to see: a rich friend with a broke-ass best friend? What kind of damn sense does that make? There's no way in hell I'm gonna have a friend that's loaded with mansions and sh1t, and I'm sitting in the hood "struggling"! That's bullsh1t! Though this may just be folklore, I've heard that when Oprah became a millionaire, she gave Gayle $1,000,001, so she could be a millionaire too. I thought that was the GREATEST and I decided then I'd do that for my friends when my millions start rolling in! LOL. The idea that somehow this friendship is maintained, even while one teeters on the brink of poverty is RIDICULOUS, and I know later in the movie, we find out that Alfre Woodard's character really isn't broke, but 3/4ths of the movie gives that perception, so "fixing things up" in the last 15 minutes doesn't change much in my opinion. SMH.
  • TYPECASTING? I think Sanaa Lathan's going from being considered as "the good girl" to slut/b1tch. She's slowly but surely taking on these roles that get her farther and farther away from the "Girl Next Door" and closer and closer to the "Home-wreckin' hussie"! I'm not sure if that's a good thing. Is that what one gets a Yale Masters degree in Drama for? Add to that, this is the SECOND time she's been with a white boy (no wait, third, she was cheatin' on Dean Cain in "Out of Time"), are we seeing a pattern here? Is she dissing the brother man for the "other man"? Let me stop! LOL. I just noticed she's finding herself in the company of a number of white men lately...I'm sure I ain't the only one that noticed!
  • ROBIN GIVENS NEEDS A BEAT DOWN: I just haven't liked her since she was on "Head of the Class". Can someone please beat her ass?! LMAO. Her character was bland and so superficial to the film's plot. She might as well have not been there, or better yet, he could have given a "no name actress" a shot, and it would have been just as good!
  • GREAT MAKEUP! Lawd hammercy Alfre Woodard's makeup was GREAT! I wish I could get my lips to look like that! LOL.
  • TERRIBLE HAIR: Every damn Tyler Perry movie gets on my damn nerves with those STRAY HAIRS ON THE ACTORS HEADS! It happens ALL THE TIME!!! I'm guessing he does it because he wants the films to look "more authentic" in some way, but it just annoys the hell outta me! Makes me wanna take a brush and some "let's jam" to each one of their hot ass mess heads! CTFU.
  • TYLER PERRY'S HAIR WAS A HOT DAMN MESS! Whoever sewed that wig needs to be horsewhipped! LOL.
  • KILL THE SOUTHERN ACCENTS PLEASE! Nuff said! That forced southern drawl got on my nerves the whole damn movie! So unnecessary!
  • SOMMORE JR.: Who was the chick playing the office secretary? Was that Sommore's bastard child? CTFU. Had to be!
  • BEING "SUPER SAVED": Did Alfre Woodard's character have to be so "super saved"?! I mean, I know folks love the Lord, and enjoy church, be she was just being the stereotypical "overly churchy" Black woman, holding on to "the old rugged cross" as an excuse to not fully live her life or have any fun. That was just sad. But her throwing Holy Oil on that male stripper was HILARIOUS! LOL.
  • HELPING THE HOMELESS: I can ALWAYS spot a "diamond in the ruff". When I saw "Nick" the homeless guy, I was thinking "that bastard is too fine to be homeless, I could get him, clean him up, and we could be REAL happy together"! I knew all he needed was a new suit, a shave, and some soap and water! His role was so kitschy it made me throw up in my mouth a little bit! SMH.
  • NO FRIENDS?: Was Alfre Woodard Kathy Bates' character only friend? I know that had to be the most grammatically f*cked up sentence ever, but you get my point! ROFL. That funeral scene was looking pretty paltry! How is it that someone so rich and seemingly full of life couldn't have a "packed funeral"? Moreover, how did Alfre Woodard turn out to be her best and only real friend?
  • ENTREPRENEURIAL STAGNATION: Why were Tyler and the other characters so afraid to start their own business? Maybe it's because I'm an aspiring major media mogul with entrepreneurial goals, but that just seemed a bit forced too. There's no way I would encourage someone to go into business with me if they had so much damn hesitation and didn't believe in themselves or my idea. In fact, there are people I've "left in the dust" thus far for that very reason! You don't need people that don't believe in, and can help you propel your thoughts and ambitions into action! :)
  • STOP KILLING OFF KATHY BATES!: Ok, I might be in the minority here, but: I'M SICK OF KATHY BATES SUICIDES!! Quit killing her off! LOL. I had to deal with this in "Primary Colors", now they do it again 10 years later! I can't take this!
All this being said: I'll still support Tyler Perry and continue to be the first to see his movies and plays! While I didn't particularly care for this movie, I'd still recommend it to others because we really need to continue to support this Black man working and making a name for himself in Hollywood (even if I think his latest effort is pure tripe).

Alright, that's about all I can think of now. I know it's discombobulated and probably doesn't make much sense to anyone, especially if they haven't seen the movie. I also know that my ONE READER probably won't have any idea what I'm talking about, but I write this in hopes that ONE DAY I'll perhaps have a SECOND READER and they'll be able to laugh out loud at my latest cinematic experience! :)

Saturday, September 6, 2008

On My Attraction to Palestine Men...

I recently saw "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" (against my better judgment), and I must admit that I was shocked by the latest "revelation" this movie has revealed about me: I LOVE PALESTINIAN MEN!! I'm just as shocked as you are! LOL. I don't even know much about Palestinian men aside from the occasional glimpse I've seen in various movies and TV shows, ultimately depicting them as terrorists or the ultimate "terrorist who turns over a new leaf right before he gets blown away" stereotype.

I first realized my "crush" on Palestinian men (or shall I say "Arab Men", in general) as I was watching "The Siege" in the late 1990s. While I was supposed to swoon over Denzel Washington and/or Bruce Willis, Samir (played by French born Sami Bouajila) STOLE THE SHOW! I LOVED HIM!! I so felt his cause when he said "Everyone just takes, takes, takes from the Palestinians!". I just wanted to give him a hug so bad! ROFL. At that time, it was surely taboo to openly admit something like this, because the only interaction I'd ever had with Arabs was as store owners in the downtrodden neighborhoods of the city I was raised in. Arabs were bad. Arabs were shysters. And Arabs were unscrupulous and not to be trusted with ANYTHING, especially your money. Knowing what I now know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I now see these perceptions and their perpetration throughout various media outlets and social cultures in the U.S. for what they really are.

As I've gotten older, I've continually found that I'm attracted to Arab/Muslim men (seen mostly on TV, in movies, and on the Internet), but I can also admit I'm not attracted to the "typical Arab man" as often depicted in these mediums. I'll let you define what "typical" means, but I've noticed that there's something about a certain type of man of Arab-descent that totally "gets my mojo workin'"! LMAO. The two most recent examples of this are: Daoud Heidami (who played Nasi) and Ahmed Ahmed (who played Waleed) in "You Don't Mess With the Zohan". They were both SO SEXY!! Plus, I love Ahmed Ahmed's comedy and his standup routines. He's so smart and insightful, and he has the right mix of Middle Eastern-ness and Western "americanism" that just totally throws me for a loop!

Here's where I'm stuck: Damn if I have NO IDEA how to find or interact with Arab men (in person) in a way that I can actually get to know them and stop fetishcizing them so much. Plus, I would look a bit suspect hanging out at a local Mosque, since I have NO DESIRE to pick up a new religion (or even practice my old one! LMAO).

This might sound crazy, but I can also admit that I have a bit of a xenophobic fear of Arab/Muslim men based chiefly off of the film "Not Without My Daughter" starring Sally Field in the early 1990s. That movie told me "Marry an Arab, lose your kids and your womanly independence". I know it was mostly propaganda, but it worked! LOL.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this "newfound knowledge". I have no desire to date someone simply because they belong to a certain race or ethnic group. I also have no desire to marry someone so they can gain american citizenship, so I guess I'm just totally screwed! CTFU.

P.S. It's sad that I have to say this, but I will, just so there aren't any problems later: I'm not saying I support terrorism because that's just completely stupid!

On Record Unemployment...

There's irony that for the first time in two years I actually have a job at a time when the U.S. is seeing it's highest unemployment rate in 5 years! It still doesn't take away the anguish I feel knowing that I'm working a job that's paying me THE BARE MINIMUM and that amount still doesn't help me to meet ALL of my financial obligations.

What really pisses me off on a daily basis is the fact that NOTHING worked out as it was "supposed to". I was told that if I went to college (and graduated), the world would be open to me. I could get out of the ghetto and "write my own ticket to success". NONE OF THAT HAS HAPPENED!! Yes, I am extremely appreciative of my education (despite the fact that the price for it accounts for 40% of my current outstanding debt obligations), and intellectually I've gained more than I ever could have if I'd chosen to end my educational journey after high school, however it's upsetting to know that apparently there are no places that are willing to pay me (a multiple time college graduate) a decent wage and allow me to "flourish" professionally.

The job I work now is clerical and it pisses me off on two fronts. First, it's insulting to my intelligence and my boss knows that, and I secretly think she revels in the knowledge that she has someone with two masters degrees filing paperwork. She's even mentioned that no one cares about my education because "everyone's gone to college". SMH. Second, it's not in any way rewarding in the long-run, nor is it providing me with any REAL professional experience that will be worthwhile to some other employer down the line. I DON'T WANT TO BE A SECRETARY FOR ANYONE! So, not only is this job not worthwhile professionally, but it's also leading me down the WRONG CAREER PATH. I have no desire to become overly proficient at filing and answering phones/emails.

In short: THIS JOB SUCKS! It's a step slightly above working in a fast food restaurant (which wouldn't hire me, by the way, despite the fact that I didn't put my education on the application). There's no room for advancement, and no possibility for a raise for several years. I can't imagine who'd really want a job like this, and it amazes me that it hasn't even occurred to my boss that I'll be leaving this position AS SOON AS SOMETHING ELSE BECOMES AVAILABLE!

Because I have nothing but "hope", I'm guessing that somewhere down the line my education will pay off. Right now, it's not. I feel for all the people that are unemployed or underemployed because my heart goes out to them. While I am employed now, and able to meet a few of my financial obligations, I know what it's like to worry ad nausem about paying next month's bills and how you're going to scrape by month-to-month. I know what it's like to see your savings dwindle and ultimately disappear, then see people look at you like you're completely out of your mind when you apply for a job at Blockbuster with a college degree (even when you don't put the degree on the application). It's disheartening and demoralizing, but I can't honestly say that working (at least in my situation) really makes me feel any better. The first 2-3 weeks when I got home from my job, all I could do was cry. And this is coming from a person that RARELY CRIES about ANYTHING.G. I felt so bleak and so useless as a human being, and knowing that I'm in YET ANOTHER job that only wants a warm body to perform automated functions just pisses me off more and makes me feel even less important.

I guess all I can say to those that are unemployed and underemployed right now is: KEEP THE FAITH! That's what I'm doing. I'm "grinning and bearing" my current position, waiting for the RIGHT opportunity to come along. Hopefully it will soon. I can't imagine what I'd do if this extends beyond 6 months!

P.S. Before anyone criticizes me for being ungrateful about being employed when millions are unemployed, understand that I made this blog specifically to rant about the fact that I'm highly intelligent (that's right GENIUS) and I'm being held back by forces that are greater than me, my aspirations, and my constant struggle to succeed!

Friday, September 5, 2008

Now That The Conventions Are Over...

...I can honestly say I saw nor heard anything that changed my opinion. I know that both the Democratic and the Republican National Conventions really just serve as "commercials" for the undecideds, but I found both of them to have their boring points.

I did enjoy the parts of the DNC that I saw. I missed Bill Clinton and Joe Biden's speeches, and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything with the latter. As has been mentioned by my sole blog commenter (LOL), BIDEN IS BORNING! In fact, just typing that with an exclamation point is about as exciting as Joe's gonna get in this campaign! LMAO.

As far as the RNC, I honestly forgot it was on most of the time. The only thing I made sure to tune in for was Sarah Palin's speech, but everything else mostly bored me to tears (or actually to sleep, as with John McCain's speech). I must say, Sarah Palin's speech was funny to me, but I take issue with the way people ONCE AGAIN are so "snowed" by her "performance". First, as a person that has had a few speech communication classes, from a purely technical standpoint her speech delivery was atrocious! She didn't project her voice well, she didn't really seem all too convinced about what she was saying, and it was all too obvious that she was reading off of a teleprompter. Now, I know that MOST SPEECHES (even Obama's) are put on the teleprompter, but in my opinion, if you're giving a live speech, and people can TELL you're reading from a teleprompter, YOU'RE DOING A BAD JOB! Additionally, both Palin and McCain kept making the mistake of not giving their audience enough time to respond to their comments! It's as if they practice their speeches only in front of one staff member who never once told them to PAUSE for applause or audience feedback. The MULTIPLE times this happened annoyed the hell out of me and I can't believe NO ONE in the mainstream media (or even the "fringe media") pointed this out.

I must say I'm not surprised how snookered in the american public was by Palin's speech. All she did was cloak herself in the american flag and espouse the same ol' nonsense about patriotism and heroics, and she pretty much had the vote of the lower-class white "Republican base" that she was going over.

Honestly, I watched Palin's speech EXPECTING HER TO DO WELL! I do believe I have the ability to be objective for both sides, because I believe both Republicans and Democrats are fundamentally full of sh1t! It was only after seeing her make the same mistakes, coupled with the poor delivery that I really decided that she doesn't have enough ANYTHING to make me even consider voting from her. Yes, I was (and still am) a Hillary supporter, and given that I fundamentally disagree with Sarah Palin on a HOST of issues that are important to me, she really never had a chance to gain my vote anyway. I did however want to remain open-minded and perhaps see what she was about, just in case she had some other qualities that balanced out her archaic stance on abortion and gay-marriage. I admit, she did give out a couple of awesome zingers! Especially the community organizer thing! LOL. I can't be as sensitive as some people I know about this issue. Tons of my "socially responsible" are trying to rally or boycott the Republican party (like they really care) calling for some kind of grassroots movement based off of her comments which they felt were "dismissive" of community-oriented workers. What amazes me is how quickly people forget to consider these comments IN CONTEXT! She made these comments while addressing the issue of how her experience as Mayor and Governor of a small town and small state aren't considered to be "cosmopolitan enough", and she sent a barb at the Democrats on a similar issue that she knew would hit home! Seems simple enough, but some many "community organizers" have their panties in a bunch right now! It just seems silly and its a waste of energy. Republicans don't give a sh1t about poor folks (who by in large are the ones who have and benefit from "community organizations") and they surely don't care two sh1ts about a bunch of community organizers who are gathering together against them, because they never had (nor expected) your vote in the first place!

Ok, back on topic: As far as how I'll be voting: I will more than likely cast a half-hearted vote for Obama. I really would have preferred to see Hillary on the ticket, but once again, as in 2000 and 2004, I'm forced to vote for "the lessor of two evils". Even though I think Obama's campaign is full of empty promises and rhetoric, there's NOTHING I've seen from the Republican party (nor their feigned attempted at embracing change by putting a woman on the ticket) that makes me want to vote for a McCain/Palin ticket.

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