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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Shaken, not Stirred...

Today marks the third time someone who considers themselves to be a "life coach" or someone that helps people with self-empowerment/self-esteem/self-worth issues, etc. has said something UTTERLY DISGUSTING TO ME!

First, it was the "business coach" who broke confidentiality with another client to tell me that people were talking about me behind my back. This "coach" said there were twitters of how "unprofessional" I appeared, of course implying that he could improve this through his "coaching".

The second, came in the form of yet another "life coach" who took it upon herself to tell me that she doesn't like my personal style of dress, and suggested she'd like to take me shopping (though she DID NOT offer to pay!).

The third and final incident happen today after a referral to a certain "self-empowerment coach" ended in her telling me she's the best at what she does, and she doesn't even know why I'd consider getting into her field (or even contacting her in general) since she's been doing what she does for 20 years and she's the best in the business.

I have been thoroughly and utterly DISGUSTED by these people's actions. It's sickening to think that they all present themselves as people that work to help others. It's such a crock! How can you help others when your first goal is to tear them down? What kind of fu*kery is that?!

Man, now I REALLY get it! I've always had naysayers and detractors in my life, and people that tell me that my ideas are wrong, and that whatever my plans aren't going to work out, but it seems that this new crop of people are a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT BREED! Normally, people that tell me I'm going to fail actually KNOW ME, but the three folks mentioned here don't know me from Adam, beyond a few brief encounters. I'm completely SHOCKED and APPALLED that people who purport to actually HELP others can be so callous and inconsiderate of someone's feelings (just because that person isn't paying their fees). For this reason, I now official believe "life coaching" to be a CROCK! There's a reason why REAL universities haven't embraced this phenomenon!

I recently read something that said don't give up at your bleakest hour, because that's when you're the closest to achieving your goal. Part of me believes that, and the other part of me just isn't going to give up because I don't want all the naysayers to be right!

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Genius said...

I think it is just really hard to keep the people who are, for want of better words, 'full of shit' out of the industry.
There is minimal quality control.

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