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Sunday, December 14, 2008

I first got wind of the website a few weeks ago after Obama won, and I wanted to move more aggressively for getting my job applications out to get a new position within the administration. I remember hearing that one of Obama's campaign promises was to post a weekly address to the american public informing them on pertinent issues within our government, in an effort to provide much needed "Transparency" in how our country is run.

At first, I didn't think it was possible, but I've been watching the weekly addresses there, and it seems really informative. I have yet to take part in any of the discussions on the site, as I still don't quite see how that's possible or where you set up a log in. Admittedly, I haven't looked too much into it, nor have I had anything that I've felt like expressing in a public forum (on the website), so this has just been one more thing to pass by the wayside lately.

What I did do, was give my comments on the "An American Moment: Your Vision" section of the site, which encourages you to share your vision on what america should be, and where President-Elect Obama should lead this country. Initially, I was hesitate to participate here, as I'm sure that submitting a comment here definitely "puts you on the grid" to be watched by any number of government agencies and intelligence groups. Then it occurred to me I WANT THAT! Of course, I'm not looking for any negative attention, nor do I want to purposefully open myself up to some sort of criminal/civil background check, but I would like to attention of the Obama-Biden Administration, mainly so that someone within that administration can GIVE ME A JOB! And not just a crappy clerical job, but a REAL PROFESSIONAL POSITION for which I am qualified for, but don't have the right connections to get.

So, without further ado, here's a synopsis of what I said:

  • I envision a country that lives up to the hopes and dreams of my ancestors.
  • A place where a first generation college graduate can find a decent job that allows them to pay off the debt accrued to become educated.
  • I envision a country where intelligent, motivated, enthusiastic individuals like myself aren't scraping to get by and embarrassed to return to their hometowns because they look like failures to those that believed in them because they're not gainfully employed as one would expect a college graduate to be.
  • I want to be involved in the changes taking part in our government and I want to contribute in a capacity where I know my skills can be put to good use!
  • I envision a country that allows me (and those like me, because I assure you, there are plenty) to gain access to professionally enhancing and career building opportunities within the federal government!
  • I hope that the comments through this website just don't go into a random database, or worse get used for PR purposes somewhere later down the line.
  • I hope someone is reading them and responding, and I'd greatly appreciate the opportunity to discuss some of the things I've outlined here with a REAL person.
  • P.S. I'd feel much more comfortable giving my personal information on this site if it was secure. Asking for phone numbers and addresses in this day and age, I'd like assurances of where the information is going, and that it's protected from spammers and other marketers. Just a thought.
What do ya think?

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