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Tuesday, January 29, 2008


A friend of mine recently grilled me on my recent "endorsement" of Hillary Clinton for the next President of the United States.

I was made to feel as though because I couldn't immediately give a laundry list of her qualifications and accomplishments, that I somehow wasn't making the "right choice". It was even alleged that I was making a "purely emotional" decision that didn't rely on fact or evidence.

Initially I balked at the assertion, because quite honestly, I wasn't in the mood to argue with this particular individual who finds that the bain of their existence (in their free time) is to annoy the hell out of me by picking petty arguments incessantly.

Later, once our conversation was over, I really took the time to think about why it is I think Hillary Clinton should be the next President of this country. While my feelings aren't "purely emotional", there are definitely tenets of emotions that course through my brain when I think of her candidacy, and what I hope it can do for our country.

First, Hillary Clinton was the first First Lady in my lifetime that I could actually say that I admired. I loved that fact that she wasn't merely a housewife reading stories to 3rd graders and planning tea parties at the White House. I loved that she and Bill seemed to SHARE both the successes and defeats of their professional lives. She always appeared strong to me, and though I'll never have any idea of what was happening in their home, I always got the impression that she was "runnin' thangs"! LOL. Plus, I have to admit, part of me felt a bit of a kinship to another fellow Illinois-born gal! :) So, it's from this initial perspective that the idea that Hillary could now be in the grasp of the Oval Office that makes me brim with pride!

Second, as a former Illinois resident, who voted for Barack Obama in 2004, I still believe that Hillary Clinton is the best politician! People get upset with me for saying this, but "the politics of politics requires that you be a politician" and for that reason I believe Hillary has the superior qualifications! People quickly run to a discussion about "experience" when I mention this, ready to point out her time in the senate, and devalue any experience she may have gained from being married to the most powerful man in the world. When I think of "experience", I think of "experience" in knowing how to navigate through the tough world of "Good Ol' Boys" and still manage to hold your head above water!

Finally, I just like her! In the past few months, whenever Hillary Clinton's name has been mentioned in public, I've literally seen people growl. It's amazing. I've never known someone to garner just ire from people, many of whom, can't even tell you what it is about her that they dislike. Many people feel she doesn't have a chance, and so for that reason, she definitely gets my vote, because I love "rooting for the underdog"! I think she's smart, confident, and capable of getting the job done!


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