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Thursday, August 28, 2008

On Barack Obama

I admit it: Barack Obama is charismatic! I like him! I've long since held that Hillary Clinton was my "candidate of choice", and while I'm not a die-hard Democrat, I supported her candidacy 100%. I could not give the same support to Barack Obama. Again, I like him, but I'm not 100% behind him. Even though I "loved" Hilary, I still wasn't considered a "die-hard fan". She was fallible (obviously), and though she wasn't perfect, I still liked her!

Though I think Barack is handsome, funny, and smart, I worry about the "svengali-like hold" that he has on much of the american public. I see people's eyes glazed over and they're frothing at the mouth at everything the man says! For me, it's the same way people were "snowed" by Bush in 2000 and 2004. I question anyone that has that kind of "devotion" to ANY PERSON, including clergy!

Thus far, I'm surely leaning towards voting for Barack Obama, because he's the "lessor of two evils". It's always the way I vote in this "two party system". I don't really have any choice. I refuse to "throw my vote away" on an independent candidate, despite the fact that I plan to change my voter registration from "Democratic" to "Independent".

Barack's speech at the Democratic National Convention was right! There is something brewing! Change is in the air! Whether he wins the nomination or not, things can't continue to stay the same.


My problem with Democrats is that they're REAL good on talk, but short on action! Say what you will about Republicans, THEY GET THINGS DONE! Sure, they get them done for their friends and family members ONLY, but they get them done nonetheless! LMAO.

Perhaps because I'm unhappy professionally, I'm unable to have the unrelenting eagerness that so many of my friends, colleagues, and relatives have about Obama's chances. I still think america is too racist to elect a Black man, even if he is mostly the antithesis of what most americans think of Black men in general. Maybe I'm wrong. I'm sure there are tons of people that hope that I am. If I am, I'll admit it when the time comes.

I'll end this by saying, HIS SPEECH WAS GREAT! Now let's see what america's really made of!

Genius Deferred

P.S. I HAVE A DREAM! I'm thinking about moving to Illinois and running for Barack's senate seat should he win the presidency! LOL.

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Genius said...

Yes to me it is that same uncritical view of him that is of concern. I feel almost obliged to counter it by being extra cynical. Still I find looking a bit deeper at his policies that there is some substance there, if anything more substance. So if I could vote I guess I'd have to vote for him. I would not however expect any miraculous change.

The only great change would be that most of the rest of the world would go from irrationally hating the US (bush - evil) to being naively optimistic (Obama - symbol of everything good).

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