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Friday, August 29, 2008

On Random Internet Encouragement

I ventured here today, newly inspired by Barack Obama's speech at the Democratic National Convention. Based partly on the fact that most people I know are heading to bed so they can wake up and go to work in the morning, I really didn't have a creative outlet to get my thoughts out before I go to bed tonight and prepare for another crap azz day of work.

I was totally floored when I saw I had ONE COMMENT on my most recent post. Upon further inspection, I've seen there are other comments for the other posts, though I admit I haven't read them yet. While my intention was to post my thoughts on Barack's speech, I'm now truly encouraged to write more! If only for that ONE person that left me a comment! LOL.

At least back in June, someone paid attention, no matter how briefly! Ok, that sounds a bit pathetic, but I really figured I'd never gain an audience through blogging. Not because I don't think I'm funny or witty enough or that I'd run out of topics, but because I can't figure out how the hell "trackbacks" work! LMAO.

As I mentioned in a previous post, I just don't get blogging. Perhaps the problems I'm having are just endemic to Blogger, and I should start looking for a new editor. (Any suggestions?). The bottom line is: I'll be writing here more often. Based in part because I really do need to get a lot of this stuff I've got jammed in my head out, and because I'm having some experiences in life that could stand to be laid out in a journal, so I can look back on them 20 years from now and laugh! True, being a mostly private person, it's antithetical to think I'd post such personal things on the Internet for everyone to see, but I figure, WHY NOT?! LOL. I won't be making any REAL confessions (at least not until "my public" demands it), and it's good to see people's opinions and get a dialogue started!

So, to my one reader in Auckland: THANKS! I appreciate it! Even though it's been two months since I logged into my account, seeing your ONE message helped temporarily lift my spirits. For that I am truly indebted to you! :)

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Genius said...

Haha I guess thats me
thanks for the post!

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