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Friday, September 5, 2008

Now That The Conventions Are Over...

...I can honestly say I saw nor heard anything that changed my opinion. I know that both the Democratic and the Republican National Conventions really just serve as "commercials" for the undecideds, but I found both of them to have their boring points.

I did enjoy the parts of the DNC that I saw. I missed Bill Clinton and Joe Biden's speeches, and I'm pretty sure I didn't miss anything with the latter. As has been mentioned by my sole blog commenter (LOL), BIDEN IS BORNING! In fact, just typing that with an exclamation point is about as exciting as Joe's gonna get in this campaign! LMAO.

As far as the RNC, I honestly forgot it was on most of the time. The only thing I made sure to tune in for was Sarah Palin's speech, but everything else mostly bored me to tears (or actually to sleep, as with John McCain's speech). I must say, Sarah Palin's speech was funny to me, but I take issue with the way people ONCE AGAIN are so "snowed" by her "performance". First, as a person that has had a few speech communication classes, from a purely technical standpoint her speech delivery was atrocious! She didn't project her voice well, she didn't really seem all too convinced about what she was saying, and it was all too obvious that she was reading off of a teleprompter. Now, I know that MOST SPEECHES (even Obama's) are put on the teleprompter, but in my opinion, if you're giving a live speech, and people can TELL you're reading from a teleprompter, YOU'RE DOING A BAD JOB! Additionally, both Palin and McCain kept making the mistake of not giving their audience enough time to respond to their comments! It's as if they practice their speeches only in front of one staff member who never once told them to PAUSE for applause or audience feedback. The MULTIPLE times this happened annoyed the hell out of me and I can't believe NO ONE in the mainstream media (or even the "fringe media") pointed this out.

I must say I'm not surprised how snookered in the american public was by Palin's speech. All she did was cloak herself in the american flag and espouse the same ol' nonsense about patriotism and heroics, and she pretty much had the vote of the lower-class white "Republican base" that she was going over.

Honestly, I watched Palin's speech EXPECTING HER TO DO WELL! I do believe I have the ability to be objective for both sides, because I believe both Republicans and Democrats are fundamentally full of sh1t! It was only after seeing her make the same mistakes, coupled with the poor delivery that I really decided that she doesn't have enough ANYTHING to make me even consider voting from her. Yes, I was (and still am) a Hillary supporter, and given that I fundamentally disagree with Sarah Palin on a HOST of issues that are important to me, she really never had a chance to gain my vote anyway. I did however want to remain open-minded and perhaps see what she was about, just in case she had some other qualities that balanced out her archaic stance on abortion and gay-marriage. I admit, she did give out a couple of awesome zingers! Especially the community organizer thing! LOL. I can't be as sensitive as some people I know about this issue. Tons of my "socially responsible" are trying to rally or boycott the Republican party (like they really care) calling for some kind of grassroots movement based off of her comments which they felt were "dismissive" of community-oriented workers. What amazes me is how quickly people forget to consider these comments IN CONTEXT! She made these comments while addressing the issue of how her experience as Mayor and Governor of a small town and small state aren't considered to be "cosmopolitan enough", and she sent a barb at the Democrats on a similar issue that she knew would hit home! Seems simple enough, but some many "community organizers" have their panties in a bunch right now! It just seems silly and its a waste of energy. Republicans don't give a sh1t about poor folks (who by in large are the ones who have and benefit from "community organizations") and they surely don't care two sh1ts about a bunch of community organizers who are gathering together against them, because they never had (nor expected) your vote in the first place!

Ok, back on topic: As far as how I'll be voting: I will more than likely cast a half-hearted vote for Obama. I really would have preferred to see Hillary on the ticket, but once again, as in 2000 and 2004, I'm forced to vote for "the lessor of two evils". Even though I think Obama's campaign is full of empty promises and rhetoric, there's NOTHING I've seen from the Republican party (nor their feigned attempted at embracing change by putting a woman on the ticket) that makes me want to vote for a McCain/Palin ticket.

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