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Saturday, September 6, 2008

On My Attraction to Palestine Men...

I recently saw "You Don't Mess With the Zohan" (against my better judgment), and I must admit that I was shocked by the latest "revelation" this movie has revealed about me: I LOVE PALESTINIAN MEN!! I'm just as shocked as you are! LOL. I don't even know much about Palestinian men aside from the occasional glimpse I've seen in various movies and TV shows, ultimately depicting them as terrorists or the ultimate "terrorist who turns over a new leaf right before he gets blown away" stereotype.

I first realized my "crush" on Palestinian men (or shall I say "Arab Men", in general) as I was watching "The Siege" in the late 1990s. While I was supposed to swoon over Denzel Washington and/or Bruce Willis, Samir (played by French born Sami Bouajila) STOLE THE SHOW! I LOVED HIM!! I so felt his cause when he said "Everyone just takes, takes, takes from the Palestinians!". I just wanted to give him a hug so bad! ROFL. At that time, it was surely taboo to openly admit something like this, because the only interaction I'd ever had with Arabs was as store owners in the downtrodden neighborhoods of the city I was raised in. Arabs were bad. Arabs were shysters. And Arabs were unscrupulous and not to be trusted with ANYTHING, especially your money. Knowing what I now know about the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, I now see these perceptions and their perpetration throughout various media outlets and social cultures in the U.S. for what they really are.

As I've gotten older, I've continually found that I'm attracted to Arab/Muslim men (seen mostly on TV, in movies, and on the Internet), but I can also admit I'm not attracted to the "typical Arab man" as often depicted in these mediums. I'll let you define what "typical" means, but I've noticed that there's something about a certain type of man of Arab-descent that totally "gets my mojo workin'"! LMAO. The two most recent examples of this are: Daoud Heidami (who played Nasi) and Ahmed Ahmed (who played Waleed) in "You Don't Mess With the Zohan". They were both SO SEXY!! Plus, I love Ahmed Ahmed's comedy and his standup routines. He's so smart and insightful, and he has the right mix of Middle Eastern-ness and Western "americanism" that just totally throws me for a loop!

Here's where I'm stuck: Damn if I have NO IDEA how to find or interact with Arab men (in person) in a way that I can actually get to know them and stop fetishcizing them so much. Plus, I would look a bit suspect hanging out at a local Mosque, since I have NO DESIRE to pick up a new religion (or even practice my old one! LMAO).

This might sound crazy, but I can also admit that I have a bit of a xenophobic fear of Arab/Muslim men based chiefly off of the film "Not Without My Daughter" starring Sally Field in the early 1990s. That movie told me "Marry an Arab, lose your kids and your womanly independence". I know it was mostly propaganda, but it worked! LOL.

I'm not sure what I'm going to do with this "newfound knowledge". I have no desire to date someone simply because they belong to a certain race or ethnic group. I also have no desire to marry someone so they can gain american citizenship, so I guess I'm just totally screwed! CTFU.

P.S. It's sad that I have to say this, but I will, just so there aren't any problems later: I'm not saying I support terrorism because that's just completely stupid!

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Genius said...

I suppose you'll need to go to a city like New York, Los Angeles and Detroit which will have a visible community. Much of which will actually be Lebanese (and thus largely christian) although all sorts of other countries too.

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